Expanded Celtic Cross

“Imagine the tarot cards as portals to the unconscious and tarot images as their keys.” ~Mary Packard, The Golden Tarot

Imagine that within your unconscious—which is also from where your nightly dreams arise—is the portal to the divine, what many people call the soul. Imagine that this is more than a portal but the actual domain of the divine that animates your life.
This domain is often hard to “feel into” and explore because the world and our wants, needs, fears, and desires loudly clamor for our attention and distract us from our inner wisdom. The symbols of the tarot, and the way they’re laid out in a spread, can help us journey into that realm and allow us to bring back from there—and into our daily lives—our deepest knowing, our wisest intuition, and our hidden spiritual life.

The Celtic Cross – Expandedtarot Crystal Tarot spread sm

If you’re familiar with the tarot, you probably know the Celtic Cross. Here is one of the versions I use in my readings as taught to me by my teacher, Gaia Hawkin. It’s very straight forward, though some of the designations, as shown in the below diagram, are a little different from what you may be familiar with. That’s as it should be. Every tarot reader comes to their own special process, their own unique path.

When you look at a tarot reader’s card designations, you can get an inkling of what that tarot session might yield. The smaller cards you see in the diagram next to the larger ones are what make this an “expanded” version. So often, laying down the extra three cards allows us to dig deeper and come to that place of divine wisdom, what some would call inner knowing or intuition (all those are good descriptions). Each of us has the truth in a little bit different way. It makes things interesting and so worth celebrating, sharing, and getting excited over.

As with everything I offer, members of my LGBTQIA community are warmly welcome and embraced.


Celtic Cross – The Full Spread
Celtic Cross


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