Your Are Whole Wise And Divine

As a manifestation of the divine, you have all the agency, love, wisdom, creativity and sovereignty of the universe at your disposal. Of these, you can claim as much or as little as you want—there is no right or wrong, only freedom of choice.

Indra's netWhether you know it or not, you are already whole, wise and divine. Even now, you are doing your adventure perfectly. Coming to this page is part of your adventure. Whatever you do next, making a decision about having a session, is part of your adventure.

  • Want an intermediary or translator?  Wonderful! I can access and mirror your divine self and reflect your deeper truth back to you.
  • Want to dip your toe into the waters of the infinite? Absolutely! I will be your guide into divine meta-reality.

I will help you “hack” Maya—the delicious temporal reality in which you are reading this and in which I created this page for you to read.

Different people have different experiences and they are all valid. Some clients experience a mild to deep trans state. For some, it isn’t noticeable until afterward when you return to normal time and realize you’ve actually been in an altered state. Some see it as a kind of meta-reality.

This greater reality holds within it our every-day reality like a diamond in the folds of luminous dark velvet. A way to think of our physical plane is as a fractal of the divine whole or a simulation. It’s a concept that is gaining popularity at the moment. Hinduism calls it Maya–the word for illusion.

Stepping outside ordinary reality and experiencing divine or meta-reality is exquisite. It’s a time filled with love and connection, of utter confidence and clarity. It’s the best feeling you can imagine and I absolutely love going there and facilitating people’s journey into that state.

Here, you experience your beautiful true nature, what you truly want for your life and your path to achieving it. You have all the wisdom within you. The answers that are right for you are the ones that are within you. I help you open the door. I don’t tell you what to do. I am your guide, helping you get where, in your heart, you want to go. I facilitate access to your own inner wisdom, leading to tailor-made and unique insights.

Although this direct experience fades and turns into a memory, the insights you gain will continue to guide you and the remembrance, itself,  will become a point of grounding and anchoring.

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