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Have a Tarot Reading at Spa Eir in Kirkland every Wednesday from 2 – 7 pm.
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Together We Can Work On…
Heal the things that ask for healing
Retrieve the dreams you’ve given up on
Learn how the dots connect when your focus is scattered
Clarify “blocks” that keep you from reaching your goals
Restore the confidence to do what is your purpose
Understand what makes you happy
Deepen your relationships
Connect with your higher power
Gain insight how to make your business more inspiring to you and potentially more profitable.
You Choose
Bring to the session whatever you want to work on

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Divine Reality
Have you heard of the term, “the golden hour?” It describes the time of evening when the sun bathes everything in a golden glow. That’s the magical hour in which everything is so radiantly beautiful, it is hard to ignore once you know about it. To me, it speaks of the divine nature of all things, another thing hard to ignore once you know about it. It’s this radiant divine nature to which the Tarot cards help us build a bridge.

The divine is all around us, gentle, subtle and loving. Connected to divine reality since I was born—I inherited this connection from my mother who was a natural psychic—I often receive divine information during readings.

As an empath, I feel what you’re feeling. I don’t listen only to your words or look at the cards. I listen to presence, yours, the divine’s which, in some sense, are one and the same, yet, there is something more there that can’t quite let itself be put into words. Listening to your presence doesn’t mean you’re being “found out.” It means I am with you.

During the Reading
I hold you as whole, wise and divine. I know all the answers are already deep within you. Our reading helps bring them to the fore so that you can work with them more readily, gain clarity and a course of action, if action is indicated.

I draw my insight from a direct experience with divine meta-reality through imagery that I see in my mind’s eye, feelings that come into my heart, words and ideas that come into my thoughts, and intuitions that well up into my consciousness. I inherited the ability to do so from my mother who was a natural psychic.

The Gaian Tarot, Joanna Colbert Powell

The Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

The Deck
The main deck I work with is the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert from the San Juan Islands. There are several other decks that may ask to be used. At the time of our session, or maybe beforehand, the divine will show us which is the right deck.

My Teacher
Gaia Hawkin taught me to read the cards. She has been reading them for over 70 years, taught by her grandmother who was taught by hers—for generations back. She reminds me: “It’s not the cards themselves that hold the meaning. They are a portal that helps you tune in.” This is true not only for the reader, but also for the sitter. In a Divine Seed Tarot session, you will be able to tune into your reality on a deep level, gaining insights that help you heal, learn, understand, and create your best life, yet.

Tarot Compared to Spiritual Coaching
Working with a familiar medium like the Tarot is sometimes easier for people to get into than spiritual coaching. But both are immensely useful in their own right.
The Tarot has a coaching element but is more focused on understanding the here and now and connecting with the mystery right now. Spiritual Coaching, though it is, as I understand it, divinely guided just like a Tarot session, is more focused on the longer-term spiritual journey. During this spiritual journey, since it is guided, the opportunity presents itself for you to meet your goals and objectives.

As with everything I offer, members of my LGBTQIA community are warmly welcome and embraced.

Code of Ethics
You can find my published Code of Ethics here.
I also adhere to the American Tarot Association Code of Ethics.

Contact India with any questions. Schedule a Divine Seed Golden Tarot reading, book India for your event as reader or schedule a DivineSeed Coaching session.

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Radiant Rider-Waite tarot

Radiant Rider-Waite tarot

Crystal Tarot

Crystal Tarot

The Crystal Tarot, Elisabetta Trevisan

The Crystal Tarot, Elisabetta Trevisan

6 thoughts on “All Is Divine Tarot

  1. Amazingly accurate and clear, and helped to alleviate some doubts about the future. Insightful and interesting. I’m so grateful for the help in finding clarity in a murky situation. Thanks!

  2. I really appreciated the reading I had from India. She began by making me feel comfortable and setting the tone and expectations for the session. It was my first Tarot Card reading and I was somewhat shocked at how the cards laid out in all the “right” places. It all made perfect sense!

    I had questions around my business and even when I didn’t express or quite realize (or maybe believe) that there was a significant connection to one of the cards, India knew there was and kept returning to it, questioning it and appropriately so. Then I finally realized the significance of it and what it meant and then it all fell into place.

    The overall outcome showed me what to focus on by bringing to light what my blocks actually are so I can stop “blaming” my lack of business success on other things and get down to the real issues and real blocks, address them and then get on with things!

  3. I received a Tarot Card reading this morning from my dear friend, India! She used the “Radiant Ryder” deck. It was very enlightening!! It’s incredible how much the card meanings aligned with my current goals, thoughts, hopes & dreams! As she was explaining the cards meanings, I couldn’t help but say, “Oh my goodness, that totally makes sense! I know what I need to do!” India’s reading showed me how to progress to where I need to be. Thank you, India!

  4. I just had a tarot session with India and was surprised by how quickly it had an impact on how I see my current situation with money. I see clearer how I have been approaching my business and what direction would be more inspiring to me and potentially more profitable! I feel empowered and ready to move forward with my ideas. Thank you!

  5. I didn’t know how seriously to take a tarot reading but there was something about India that made me trust her. Very quickly I felt like something special was happening, because I was getting goosebumps. The cards revealed things that deep down I already knew but didn’t see their importance. I think India helped me make a connection with my higher power.

  6. The reading was absolutely accurate and well attuned to my present state and the questions I have for my future. The reader has a great power to connect with the Divine to channel the important message. After the session I had clarity and power to do what I am supposed to do. I like the tact and gentle but pwerful push to trust myself and wisdom inside. Definitely recommend India for spiritual guidance.

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