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The World Is Better Than You Think &
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  • Emotional and psychological: Restoring happiness by healing cynicism, fears, indifference, burn-out, overwhelm, and the kind of depression that is fueled by “how the world is”
  • Relationships: Creating more loving and nurturing relationships, whether with family, community, or clients
  • Communication: Connecting more authentically because noticing the good in the world and in people brings love into the mix
  • Sourcing: Becoming one’s own best source of uplift, energy, and joy, drawn from the never-ending supply of good life supplies
  • Reinforcing: For those audiences that already cultivate awareness of the tremendous good this world and life offer to us all, the observations, exercises and practices India shares, serve as a welcome reinforcement, reminder, and validation.

What Kind Of Speaker

India has always been a rebel! In today’s climate, she could even be called a revolutionary!! Her revolutionary idea on which she speaks and writes is that the world is better than you think! She wrote a book by that title which you can take a peek at here. Her presentations are inspirational, yet grounded by scientific research, studies and statistics, appealing to, both, heart and mind.

India will tailor her presentation to any theme, as needed. For example: Communication, health and well-being, interpersonal relationships, spirituality, and more.

What people say about India is that she projects a wonderfully positive and loving energy. Described as an uplifting, intelligent and compassionate speaker, her immediate goal is for any audiences to carry away a feeling of happiness and confidence in the goodness of the world. Her long-term goal is to show audiences how to develop life-long habits that allow her listeners to notice the good around them every day and, thus, build their trust in the world and each other.

With the bold goal of helping to create a world in which we believe in each other’s and in life’s goodness, she encourages the audience to start noticing—today—the good that surrounds them.

India’s work rests on her discovery that once she looked at the whole picture—the indifferent, the bad, but also the good—the world was much better than she had come to believe. She saw that, once we notice the good around us, it creates an indestructible environment of happiness within us.

Not only that. We have the natural inclination to “pay it forward”. In sharing our happiness, we multiply happiness. Doing so, we make the world better than it was.

In terms everyone can understand, her audiences are shown that, not only do they become natural change agents, but that in the process, their hope and confidence in life is restored.

India is also a prolific blogger, life coach, workshop and seminar leader, Reiki Master and tarot reader.


The 7-Step, 21-day Program:
Developing An Eye For The Good Around You


To make noticing that the world is better than we think a lifelong habit, India has created the program, Developing An Eye For The Good Around You, which can be shared with the audience either in the abstract, delivered as a short exercise, or as a separate workshop; duration tailored to need. 


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