I love being a divine igniter because I get to facilitate your connection with something wonderful: divine reality.

Where I’m From

I was born, raised, and educated, first in Stuttgart, Germany, then later in beautiful Munich. My parents were, in my humble opinion, something special.

My mother ran away from home, hitchhiked to Berlin at age sixteen and became an opera singer. She saw visions and had visitors from other realms and was a healer and clairvoyant. My mother had a deep love for humanity and believed in the world. This might explain why I wrote a book called The World Is Better Than You ThinkShe was often child-like in behavior and really cute and small on the outside but very tall and powerful on the inside.

My father was an artist and Gaian and environmentalist. One entire wall of his studio was covered by a giant-sized photograph taken on an Apollo mission of our blue planet floating in dark space. He sometimes wrote poetry in passionate defense of Gaia. In contrast to my mother, my father was also tall on the outside.

Where she was cute, he was charming. Where my mother loved humanity, my father wasn’t so sure, given what we’ve been doing to our planet.

What I Believe

Because I am my mother’s daughter and due to the nature of my own mystical experiences, I believe everything is divine—without exception—even though that can be hard to accept at times. I believe that everything and everyone deserves our compassion because this life is an intense experience. I believe that each our true nature is whole, wise and divine, and that we are perfect as we are and as we are not. I have also been told that I am cute. I used to hate that. Now I like it.

From my father, I inherited loving Mother Gaia; I have a (smaller) photograph of her on our household altar and love, love, love her and the whole sentient web of life. (Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit any of my dad’s height. Oh well.)

I believe each of us deserves to be appreciated because we all do our best, even when that “best” doesn’t look so great to someone on the outside. Everyone deserves respect because each of us, from a tiny ant to a supergiant star, has a right to be here, living our sacred lives.

The 14th Century mystic, visionary and writer Julian of Norwich is famous for recounting a message she received from God: “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well” I get a nearly identical same message in every experience of the divine. The only difference being “is” instead of “will be.”

My Mission

I understand myself as a bridge between divine meta-reality and material reality. I love science and how it constantly sheds light, constantly uncovers mysteries.

My mission in everything I do, whether it is writing, speaking, coaching, tarot reading, teaching, or getting a coffee in the morning is to love us and hold space for our divinity, as I’ve come to know it, such that we can experience it.

What do I mean by “such that we can experience it”? I mean “transmission”—when I am in the experience of the divine, it often causes others to share in that experience. Transmission in the sense that we can “catch” experiences by just being around them. There is a nice blog post about it on the meditation blog, Wisdom Heart.

For example, if someone else is in a good mood, ours can suddenly lift (if we don’t resist out of crabbiness). Conversely, if someone is low, our own enthusiasm can wane. Our culture describes this with one-liners like, “Don’t be a downer.”

When I am in the experience of the divine, angry people soften, shy ones brighten, complications dissolve, lost things are found, existential questions produce answers, darkness elicits compassion and love, and in my case, my eyesight literally expands from tunnel vision to increased peripheral vision.

I naturally feel the divine and draw upon the mystical experiences with which my life is so frequently blessed. I’ve written about my visits to divine meta-reality here.

All my beliefs and teachings arise from those experiences. My times in the luminous dark, as I call it, are my compass and benchmark, and the greatest treasure in my life that makes all other things into treasure.

In my practice as a Divine Guidance Coach and as a Divine Guidance GoldenTarot reader, I draw upon the luminous dark. It allows me to see your divinity, to see your wholeness and perfection, while also deeply respecting all aspects of the story of your life no matter how imperfect-seeming it may be.

My writing, speakingclasses, seminars, workshops, and individual sessions are geared towards two things:

  1. Facilitating an experience of the divine.
  2. Facilitating a growing understanding that each life is an exquisite story we spin; that, though it is not permanent, it is so very precious, no matter how it appears to us in the moment. And however it is, it is perfect and we are whole, wise and divine, and all is well.
  3. As a result of this understanding, there is healing and clarity.


My most important credential is the magic my mother passed on to me. My mother was clairvoyant, a healer, a mystic, fiery and delighted. Starting when I was a tiny person, she taught me about love, delight, life’s oneness, and the reality of the divine.

During a teaching moment, she held out her hand to a little sparrow that sat on the roof of our garage and said to me, “This bird and I are one.” The little bird came and perched on her hand. Even though, being a small child, I didn’t have the words for it, I understood in that moment that all life is a manifestation of the divine.

Other Credentials

(This is the stuff that’s a little dry but helps establish credibility by showing you what kind of official training I’ve received and some of what I’ve accomplished.)

  • Author of the book The World Is Better Than You Think
  • Public Speaking: Presentations based on the book, with the purpose of healing cynicism, disempowerment, depression, burn-out (or a sense of being over-extended), inspiring audiences to become change-agents.
  • Certified life coach; graduated Seattle Life Coach Training, 100hrs.
  • Advanced coaches training; graduated Seattle Life Coach Training, 20 hrs.
  • Certified peer-counselor and teacher of Holistic Peer Counseling; graduated Living Love Revolution, Teri D. Ciacchi, 12-month training.
  • Certified Level III Reiki master; graduated Seattle Reiki Mastery Series, 9-month training.
  • Certified Earth Steward; International Assembly of Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards
  • Develop original seminars and workshops since 2007:

– Exquisite Listening
– High Attention Listening
– Healing Your Shadow
– Healing Your Life With Love.


I was a recording artist from age fifteen to age twenty with CBS, now Sony-Germany, later formed my own band in the US and performed publicly until 2007, the year I began teaching. Now when I sing it is mostly to my husband, our little dogs and god in the morning at our altar. On occasion, I sing a song for a client or students.

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