The Luminous Dark

luminous and infinite light

For decades, I have closely guarded my most extensive and profound mystical experience: a visit to divine meta-reality. I’ve done so because of how memory works: Each recall is slightly different, due to changes that living our lives cause within us. These alterations become part of a memory, literally overwriting the original each time we recall it until we have a memory of a memory of a memory, and so on. Until now, I’ve done my best not to recall my time in the luminous dark, as I call it, but only four specific insights I was given during my visit.

Recently, I realized that, because my mystical experiences play the most important role in my writing, teaching, speaking, and coaching, in fact, in every single area of my life, this is not something I ought to keep to myself. On the contrary, my mystical experiences and how they speak to our existence, may be what is most important for me to share.

What I am writing here is how I remember my time in the luminous dark today. It may not have occurred one hundred percent this way; I may be conflating parts of separate memories, but I believe this is very close.

Many years ago, in my first explicitly mystical experience with the divine, I spontaneously entered, what I can only describe as, a luminous darkness.

It was a wondrous, infinite “space” of grandeur and beauty and the first understanding blossomed within me almost immediately:
The true nature of reality is a state of “infinite being”. It is as if we are born from an endless dark, yet glowing ocean of possibilities, down into beautiful, temporary physical shapes of consciousness that write uncountable stories of endless, glorious variety, thus, in part perpetuating the existence of infinite being.

The second understanding is: Love is the foundational building block of meta-existence. All things arise from it and, therefore, all things ultimately are love.

The third understanding is:
This infinite is contained within you and me and we are contained within it. Each of us is—simultaneously—the expanse of infinite “presence” and a single “point” of consciousness. This infinite holds all existence; every star, every person, you, me, every thought and feeling, every molecule, every cell and everything beyond any imagining.

The fourth understanding is:
There are no unanswered questions; everything is known to us, deep within our hearts and souls.

How I felt while in the luminous dark is indescribable because I didn’t “feel”, per se. This luminous dark is beyond, even feeling. It is a place of pure being which is truly incomparable. When I “returned,” I knew I had experienced reality beyond our existence as individuals. I had traveled into the divine realm and it was immeasurably beautiful.

As I understand it, each of us is God on an adventure in the Wilds of Time and Space. All that occurs in duality is as sacred and holy and perfect as is divine meta-reality, and its own reason for being. The happiness of love is our natural state and one purpose of physical existence. It is not the only one. Time and space exist specifically so the divine, as each one of us, can spin our own special story—millions and billions of stories. Whether as animal, flower, human being, water, wind, rain, star—each manifestation is sourced from the divine. I call this physical story of life the Honey of Maya because it is so heady! I feel in my heart that it is so exciting because the divine loves these experiences so much.

While life in this physical reality is thrilling, each visit into the divine feels like a miracle, like home, and like the most keenly exquisite part of being. I am blessed truly beyond measure to carry the knowledge of its reality within my psyche every moment of my life. And I wish this happiness and feeling of deep love for every one of us.