Healing Your Shadow

Healing Your Shadow logo for FB“You cannot be loved for what you neglect or leave behind the door.  You must integrate and love all aspects of yourself.  The powerful male energy, the wounded magical child, the woman, the nurturing, fair, open version of you — you are all these things.  You cannot be fully present in your life unless you can love the dirty, ugly, wild, brash, loud and obnoxious parts of you.” — Shavawna M. Berry

Student Testimonials: Praise for the class

The class gave me the key to healing the separation I’ve carried with me for a long time. India is insightful and sensitive and brought a warm, accepting and embracing energy that made me feel safe. ―Amy McCaleb

I love that she honors the ego and the spirit, the light and the shadow.―Laurell Haapenen

What I now see is that my shadow has held me hostage. The thoughts and feelings that I’ve always judged as “bad” are simply those aspects of self that make me a human being.―My Tishkoff

India is…very talented and creative as a workshop leader, spiritual guide and Life Coach, India is consistently a Light Being and a Light Worker. ―Cecelia Ryan

Student Testimonials: Praise for the teacher

India is a teacher of the divine. Her source inspires her to guide and gently acknowledge all beings and their divinity. She is deeply intuitive and can touch your soul with her loving gaze. She is a magnificent teacher, coach, and mentor for all who are blessed enough to attend her classes.―Judy Gribble

This workshop provided keys to unlock those parts of myself that I’ve kept in the dark. India’s gentle and compassionate guidance made it safe for me to go to a new level of knowing myself, and accepting myself.
―Julie Allman

Healing Your Shadow Workshop – What it is

Healing Your Shadow is a remarkably simple 3-Step Process, Allow-Align-Affirm, working in five areas, with which to reclaim your disowned parts, reunite with your Primal Self (the seat of your vitality), and let your deepest heart’s desire be your guiding beacon.

Using the movie The Fifth Element to illustrate how the archetypes of hero, villain and angel work within you, you will discover how to turn your “dark side” into a rich asset, rather than a source of fear, shame, self-loathing or pain, and how to become your own hero to champion the most deeply-held passion that is, no doubt, within you. (Note: You do not need to be familiar with “The Fifth Element,” but if you want to watch it prior to attending this class, it could prove useful.)

It is possible to honor Shadow, heal your inner “Zorg” and activate your deepest passion by setting free your inner “Leeloo,” the angel within you.

Three simple steps – allow, align and affirm – give you the power to transform your relationship with your Shadow

Step 1 Allowing Your Shadow – Facing and developing a healthy relationship with your Inner Villain as represented by Zorg. With this tool you are able to reclaim your power, creativity, imagination and the sheer joy of being alive though forming a balanced relationship with this part of yourself.

Step 2 Alignment – Recognizing and connecting with your Inner Angel as represented by Leeloo. This is your homing beacon, the mission and purpose of your highest self.
During this process you discover your primary desire, passion, or calling. Aligning with this part serves as foundation for step 3.

Step 3 Affirming – Here you discover and call upon your Inner Hero as represented by Korben Dallas to bring your opposing views and impulses into balance. (That’s strong stuff, but blessedly, we all have a hero within us.)

What to expect

Surrounded in a loving and safe environment, we will sing back the archetypes, Angel, Shadow and Hero, as they live in you, because they live as a different story in each of us.
We will sing the Shadow back with Great Drum, my Ashiko drum.
We will sing the Angel back with the help of Sassy Susi, the ukulele.
We will sing the hero back with the help of Sweet Thing, the guitar.
Once you have reacquainted yourself, the uplifting process of balancing begins. Healing your shadow is a very gentle and moving experience. I am powerfully passionate about shadow work and tickled by how truly amazing it is. I believe this class, developed over many years of passionate shadow work, to be one of the best classes on the subject, and that it can transform your life.

In preparation:

  • Wear comfy clothing
  • Bring a cozy blanket, slippers, pillow if you like
  • Come having eaten breakfast
  • Bring lunch & snacks for grazing during breaks
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bring a journal

I can’t wait to meet you and work with you. To paraphrase Will Rogers: “I’ve never met anyone I didn’t love.”



To attend the workshop, please go to Pre-Registration to pre-register.
Put the name, Healing Your Shadow, into the subject line.
In the email body, please give all your contact info: name, email, phone, address.
Also in the email, briefly explain why you would like to take the Wise Peer training.

Once ten students are pre-registered I will send out a community scheduler for you to pick the evening of the week that works best for you. I will, then, select the evening that works best for the majority of participants. Once that has been decided, another scheduler will be sent out to determine the 12-week class schedule. Every effort is made to schedule the training dates as closely together as possible.

Healing Your Shadow takes place on a Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm

The tuition is $249  
One trade or scholarship is available per course.Trade consists of a number of hours equal to the program’s 6 hrs.