Wise Attention Presentation & Workshop

– – Ind. India Holden will present this workshop at Gender Odyssey in Seattle on Friday, August 26th, 2017 at 9 AM. – –

When we listen to difficult histories, it can be deeply triggering and exhausting. We may feel the need to shut down, correct, run from, or attack the speaker, or divert attention to ourselves. We may become “sunk” (being upset or “checked-out” for hours or days afterward).

Wise Peer—The Healing Art of Listening, teaches participants how to listen so that it is healing (to both the speaker and the listener), preventing the triggering that can traumatize the listener when others share. To accomplish this, Wise Peer teaches participants a grounding tool, a mantra, and the Three Pillars of Wise Attention inspired by Carl Rogers’ “three core conditions,” a way of listening he pioneered in 40 years of field work that produces profound healing.

Presentation Information:

The Wise Attention Presentation & Workshop teaches the foundational listening tool of the 12-week seminar:
Wise Peer  – The Healing Art of Listening

There are three levels of listening: Passive, Permissive and Active Listening.
Wise Attention concerns itself with the powerful form of Passive Listening.

Inspired by Nobel Prize nominee and founder of humanistic psychology, Carl Rogers, the skill of giving Wise Attention supports you in group settings such as meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, and classes, where others may share challenging thoughts, ideas, beliefs, experiences, and struggles.

Once you learn how to give Wise Attention as taught in Wise Peer programs, instead of getting potentially frustrated, upset, triggered, or overwhelmed you’ll be able to stay

  • Present
  • Empowered
  • Energized

And you’ll be able to listen, feeling confident and secure.

The Three Pillars of Wise Attention

To stay present and empowered and energized (first pillar), you can meet the speaker with an outlook of unconditional positive regard (second pillar).
You can support this outlook through the use of the grounding tool (third pillar), to create and maintain stability and safety for yourself, and through the Mantra of Delight to heal judgment or disagreement with the speaker.

And, finally, through the practice of Wise Attention, you can learn to distinguish between who the speaker is and what they are going through which leads to profound freedom from judgment