oceanI trained for nine months with Seattle Reiki Mastery Series, graduated and became a Reiki master in 2007. Following, I taught Reiki with SRMS for three years.

My mother’s abilities included healing with touch. Throughout my childhood, getting sick was the greatest fun because she quickly healed me, then kept me home from school for a few days (hurrah!) to prevent a relapse. Those times were like little vacations; I felt so spoiled!

Reiki has offered me a means to formalize this healing connection and a way to share it with others. Though I offer Reiki as stand-alone sessions, it is part of everything I do, whether through Divine Seed coaching or tarot readings. I write about it here and here.

The word Reiki combines the Japanese rei “soul, spirit” and ki “vital energy”. Ki corresponds to the “chi” found in martial arts and the Hindu “prana,” found in yoga.

For me, a great place for connecting with the chi of life is by the ocean.