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The World Is Better Than You Think

A Book By India Susanne Holden


Someone noticed! 

Long overdue – finally someone says it with intelligence and humor: THE WORLD IS BETTER THAN YOU THINK! This is not just wishful thinking. The author backs it all up with facts, research, and well-rounded quotes. People always say ‘I just want to be happy’! This book goes a long way in that. Next time I have to listen to someone complain for an hour, I know what to say without having to be mean. India recommends a simple process to have a better day. Since I’ve been doing it, people already noticed. For me it was amazing to find out how many Americans volunteer every year. Highly recommended reading. It was a revelation to me – like a chicken soup for today!”

Learn How to Find the Beauty in Your World and Gain A Healthier, Happier Perspective 

The steady flow of grim news can be overwhelming. We’re fascinated by train wrecks, and sensationalist media are more than willing to spoon-feed us a daily dose of them. With this book, you’ll learn that it’s possible to build defenses against the effect of all that negativity on your psyche. More importantly, you’ll gain a more realistic perspective of all the good things that are happening right under our very noses, mostly unnoticed in the din of bad news and unavoidable stressors. The result of the practices this book recommends is a more realistic and appreciative perspective on life that doesn’t ignore the “bad,” but helps you bring more “good” into the picture so your view of life and the world you live is better balanced.

Ms. Holden’s advice is straightforward, practical, and charmingly delivered. Her book is a quick read, but it isn’t fluff — she cites some of the science behind her approach. Spend a couple of hours with Ms. Holden, and you’ll feel better. And then invest some time in the practices she recommends. You won’t regret it.”

What Makes the World Go Round

Do you long to live in a beautiful world that is kind, loving, and caring, yet, you feel the world is too selfish and cruel. What if both were true? Author India Susanne Holden shows us how to find the loveliness in life without the need to deny the ugly. She asks the reader: What if developing an eye for the good that surrounds you could change your life? Would you want to try? If the answer is yes, this book could change your life. Includes the 21-day program: 7 Steps to Noticing Good. 

In our modern times, when we are constantly made aware of life’s brokenness, it is all too easy to lose sight of its beauty. Now a small book has come along to remind us of the big picture: The world is dynamic—at once cruel and heartbreakingly beautiful. Additionally, in her 21-Day Program, 7 Step Program to Noticing the Good Around You, she gently guides the reader in reshaping the habitats of the brain with the growth of a new habit, that of noticing the good that surrounds us. 

In The World is Better than You Think, India Holden takes us on a journey to discover the good that can be found in likely and unlikely places. She makes a convincing case that human beings are better than we think, reminding us that it is our willingness to cooperate with one another, rather than a brutal fight to the top of the food chain, that has assured our success. And, finally, Ms. Holden lovingly makes the case that what makes the world go round are the uncountable interactions humanity conducts each day with honor, integrity, and often with love. 

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